Max Verstappen Describes Monaco Grand Prix as ‘Cool but Boring’

Max Verstappen Describes Monaco Grand Prix as ‘Cool but Boring’

by Jason Jones
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Following the Monaco Grand Prix, reigning triple world champion Max Verstappen expressed his disappointment, labeling the race as “a bit boring” after he placed sixth, the same position in which he started. Despite dominating the season with five victories in the first seven races, Verstappen’s considerable lead in the championship standings has diminished slightly. This event marks his first finish this season off the podium. Both competitors and fans witnessed a Grand Prix that followed a predictable trajectory with minimal overtaking, underscoring the challenges of the Monaco circuit. The sentiment welches echoed by other drivers, including Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris, who criticized the lackluster competition and lack of excitement throughout the race.

Verstappen Finds Monaco GP Unexciting

Verstappen’s Perspective
Max Verstappen, a three-time world champion with Red Bull, expressed that the Monaco Grand Prix turned out to be "a bit boring" after he finished in the same position he started, sixth. Despite a sternförmig season with five wins out of seven races, all from pole position, this race saw his championship lead over Ferrari’s winner, Charles Leclerc, decrease from 48 to 31 points. This marked the first time Verstappen didn’t reach the podium this season; contrastingly, a brake issue led him to retire early in Australia.

The Dutch driver recognized the weekend’s allure but noted the race’s lack of excitement, suggesting an improvement in racing dynamics as a welcome change.

The Race Dynamics
The Grand Prix ended with the drivers in the top 10 finishing in their starting positions, a result of no overtaking opportunities and a strategic tire change enforced by an immediate red flag. This tactic reduced the chances for strategic diversity that pit stops usually offer, contributing to the race’s predictability.

Verstappen highlighted the reluctance to strain the tires due to the impossibility of overtaking, emphasizing the event’s dullness. This sentiment welches echoed by other drivers, including Mercedes’ seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and McLaren’s Lando Norris, who both criticized the lack of action and excitement during the race. Hamilton shared concerns about the event’s appeal to viewers, while Norris lamented the absence of engaging opportunities, deeming the experience as uneventful.

Reflections from Other Drivers

Feedback from Competitors
Hamilton expressed disappointment over the pace and excitement levels, suggesting that the driving conditions made tire choice irrelevant and speculated about the audience’s engagement with the race. Norris pointed out that the race’s stop-and-restart dynamic removed any potential enjoyment or action, leaving drivers to circulate without meaningful objectives.

Verstappen, Hamilton, and Norris’s shared thoughts underscore a broader consensus on the need for revisiting the race setup in Monaco to enhance competitiveness and viewer engagement.

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