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Virtual Reality: The Future of Retail

#VirtualReality: The Future of #Retail  by @tt_marketing @ibmcommerce #IBMAmplify #VR #client

  • Be sure to integrate VR with your back-end technology in order to create a truly seamless experience.
  • Retailers will be chomping at the bit to develop and provide virtual reality experiences for their customers.
  • Check out this fully immersive shopping experience at IBM Amplify 2016 and experience the future of retail, virtually!

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@TamaraMcCleary: “#VirtualReality: The Future of #Retail by @tt_marketing @ibmcommerce #IBMAmplify #VR #client”

Imagine putting on a virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display and experiencing a shopping experience like no other. In seconds you are “transported” to SoHo in New York City and enter a luxury boutique without leaving the confines of your home or office.

Virtual Reality: The Future of Retail