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The Future of the Sports Fan

The Future of the Sports Fan
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  • Developed in partnership with behavioural insights agency, Canvas8, the research revealed eight key trends that will shape the future of sports fans.
  • Our research into the Future of the Sports Fan takes an in-depth look at the make-up of fan bases, the motivations behind fandom and distils the key trends affecting fan behaviour.
  • The range from the Priced Out fan who will have to spend more money to stay a fan, the Game Changers who pioneer new sports and the 24/7 fan who wants to enjoy sport anywhere and everywhere.
  • 66% of fans see athletes as role models and 43% want teams to punish discriminatory behaviour.
  • The research highlighted some interesting stats which bring to life the importance of sport.

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@MrBlairHughes: “The Future of the Sports Fan
#esports #VR #fanexperience”

Sports is a more powerful agent for change than politics and religion. The role fans play is evolving meaning sponsors and rights holders need to keep up

The Future of the Sports Fan