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360° Videos: Tow-in Surfing

Surf under the #CliffsofMoher with @ollieoflaherty in this cool virtual reality 360° video

  • Under certain metrological conditions, below the dark limestone formations of these formidable cliffs, the sea gives birth to a behemoth known as Alieen’s Wave.
  • Share your own personal experiences of the Wild Atlantic Way.
  • Named and ridden by a few brave souls in the early 2000s, these waves have since attracted several top international big-wave surfers to these spectacular spots.
  • For other great surf sites along the Wild Atlantic Way, click .
  • Riding a wave more than 15-feet high, join Ollie and experience the rush of being inside the barrel of the west coast’s most fervent sculptor.

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@wildatlanticway: “Surf under the #CliffsofMoher with @ollieoflaherty in this cool virtual reality 360° video”

Get a new perspective of one of Ireland’s most visited tourist attractions as man battles sea in this big-wave 360-degree surfing video.

360° Videos: Tow-in Surfing