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‘Sketchfab’ and ‘Tilt Brush’ Team Up To Preserve Your VR Creations Online

'Sketchfab' and 'Tilt Brush' Team Up To Preserve Your #VR Creations Online

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Tilt Brush is teaming up with another graphics-based company called Sketchfab to allow VR artists access to that great online Refrigerator in The Cloud.

@RickKing16: ‘Sketchfab’ and ‘Tilt Brush’ Team Up To Preserve Your #VR Creations Online

Update: The new feature in Tilt Brush with better 3D exports is coming soon.

Do you remember that feeling when you’d draw something as a kid and your mom or dad would hang it up on the refrigerator? There was something so special about knowing that the art you had labored over would be preserved on that sacred bit of brushed steel for everyone in your home to see. Today, society has a giant refrigerator known as the Internet and it’s become an even more fitting place for artists to store their work for future patrons to enjoy.

The above rendering is a piece that was created in Tilt Brush and then uploaded to SketchFab where it can be viewed in 360 degrees. Sketchfab has hundreds of thousands of these interactive snapshots and it recently began making adjustments to its platform so that VR artists can more easily share their creations online.

According to a representative from the company, “We’ve worked directly with [Tilt Brush] to support their brushes much better, adding support for things like transparency, bloom and more, so that you can get [the above] type of result out of the box.” 

It looks like it will easier than ever for people like me to marvel at and enjoy creations that remind us just how little artistic talent we have.

Sketchfab describes itself as, “a community of over half a million creators contributing close to a million scenes,” and as the “world’s largest platform to publish, share and discover 3D content online and in VR.” 

‘Sketchfab’ and ‘Tilt Brush’ Team Up To Preserve Your VR Creations Online