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Play With Drones And Virtual Reality At San Francisco’s High-Tech Escape Room

Play With #Drones And #VirtualReality At San Francisco's High-Tech Escape Room  #vr

  • If we can’t decrypt all the puzzles in our allotted timeframe, the reactor will explode, and we’ll all die a horrible death, A horrible virtual death that is, as we’re inside The Reason Technology Future Escape Room in San Francisco, where failure means embarrassment, not the end of our lives.
  • Along with the usual codebreaking and UV light glowing puzzles, they’ve integrated drones, virtual reality, 3D printing and more into their high-tech escape room.
  • As someone who has been interested in the evolution of escape rooms for some time now — how they’ve evolved into being used in education, Silicon Valley games and more, I was happy to get an invitation to try out this themed room and discover what the deal was.
  • “We [Bay Area people] all read TechCrunch, but many have never tried the stuff we read about,” co-founder Mike Chen told me, explaining the purpose behind Reason’s integration of high-tech tools.
  • “Many people, even in San Francisco, have no access; 90% have never tried virtual reality, 80% have never flown a drone and 70% have never used a 3D printer.

Solving puzzles is standard escape room fare, but flying drones, wearing VR goggles and 3D-printing escape gizmos levels up this concept in San Francisco.

@RickKing16: Play With #Drones And #VirtualReality At San Francisco’s High-Tech Escape Room #vr

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Play With Drones And Virtual Reality At San Francisco’s High-Tech Escape Room