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My Experience at the #Holohacks Seattle HoloLens Hackathon

My Experience at the #Holohacks Seattle #HoloLens Hackathon

  • The event kicked off with introductions from Microsoft’s HoloLens team, followed by a slurry of idea generation and team member recruitment.
  • Our team started with Caryn, Yang Yang, Melissa, and myself.
  • Hacking together an app over the weekend is harder than it sounds.
  • Livio recently left his job at Microsoft to become a freelance Unity game developer.
  • After finalizing our presentation Sunday morning, we were the first of 20 teams to present our app to the crowd.

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@RickKing16: “My Experience at the #Holohacks Seattle #HoloLens Hackathon”

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My Experience at the #Holohacks Seattle HoloLens Hackathon