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Bootstrap Business: How To Ensure Your Virtual World Is Not One To Be Messed With

How To Protect Your Digital & Virtual World  <-- Read    #CyberSec #AR #VR #IT #CyberSecurity

  • 99% of the time pop-ups contain nasty software that will trick a user into verifying something, because it looks very important, but if you end up getting sucked into the trick, something will start downloading in the background, and you may never know exactly what it was, but you can…
  • This is for your security , as any other people within the area that have the right piece of software, will be able to intercept your unencrypted data like passwords, codes and any other information they find of use.
  • Never reuse the password for your main email address – – If a hacker has managed to crack your main email, they will now have all the information they need on you.
  • Not only that, but passwords from other websites you use can all be changed and reset through your email account, so they will be able to take full control over your virtual life.
  • Don’t Use The Same Password For Every Site – – With so many different sites out there that we use, it doesn’t sound realistic to create a brand new password for each and every one, but it you want to be as safe as possible – you should.

Digital marketing manager and social media mogul Mike Schiemer discusses how to ensure your virtual world isn’t overtaken by hackers and cyber criminals.

If you’ve recently started to wonder how protected you actually on the web, it is very wise to do so. Whether you use a cell phone, a tablet, a computer or any other form of technology, you should be so aware of what you’re doing with it – especially now we’re living in the year 2017 – technology is so much more advanced, and this can be a blessing and a curse. There is better software to protect you, but there are also smarter hackers to tear it down. As long as you make yourself aware of this and start taking the right precautions, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. So here are some of the best tips you can get to stay safe and protected online. 

Anti-virus software isn’t necessarily 100% safe, even with this, if you’re not careful you can still get hackers and bugs such as ransomware. But it is definitely a must-have because it just makes everything that little bit harder. They make your walls stronger, so they’re difficult and take a lot longer to break down – think of it like a flu virus, similar to the virtual kind, in which a vaccine (software) is given to help your immune system repair itself and grow more robust. 

This is probably the most obvious and most import thing to be aware of, and yet it happens all the time and is one of the most common ways people get…

Bootstrap Business: How To Ensure Your Virtual World Is Not One To Be Messed With