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The Scariest Virtual Reality Experiences For Your Future Nightmares

Horror movies don’t scare you? See if you can handle these #VR freak-outs

  • Download on: – HTC Vive Gear VR Google Daydream PS VR – – – Narcosis ($20) – – Few places are natural playgrounds for horror like the deep sea, and Narcosis puts all those aquatic terrors in your face.
  • Download on: – Oculus Rift HTC Vive – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard VR ($36) – – Resident Evil has been paralyzing people with fear since the 1990s, and putting the franchise’s latest goresest in VR ups the horror ante even more.
  • Download on: – Gear VR Google Daydream – – – Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul ($25) – – Based on the same Paranormal Activity films that scared you into installing security cameras in your bedroom, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul has you explore a creepy house with just a flashlight to find…
  • Download on: – PS VR HTC Vive Oculus Rift – – – Sisters: Faye Elsa — Parts I-III ($1 each) – – Sisters: Faye Elsa, a three-part VR horror series, proves once again what we all know to be true: Dolls in the dark are too scary to ever trust.
  • Download on: – Oculus Rift – – – Dark Corner (Free) – – The Dark Corner app offers nine horrifying VR experiences, each one capable of scaring the headset off your face.

Digital Trends has put together a list of the scariest virtual reality experiences from across multiple VR platforms and developers.

From haunted houses to scary movies and even roller coasters, some of us go out our way to make ourselves scream. Now, virtual reality has opened the door to a new theater of terror, and some of the experiences you can have make The Shining look like The Lion King.

I decided to torture myself with some of the scariest VR experiences I could dredge up. The selections range from facing evil dolls and the boogeyman, to being eaten alive and staring at a killer from the perspective of a severed head. If you have a VR headset and nerves of steel, take a deep breath and step into one of these immersive frightfests.

Play With Me (Free)

In Play With Me, you navigate through a dark home, attempting to find a way out while a demented clown slinks around in the darkness. He warns you to not look directly into his eyes, which makes you afraid to even look around. The game makes good use of the positional tracking in the Gear VR to exacerbate this effect; the shadowy figure of the clown will usually crawl past the corner of your eye as you begin to look in a different direction. Opening doors requires you to point, click, and wait a few seconds before it opens. More times than I’d like to admit, I had to take deep breaths before opening a door, because in…

The Scariest Virtual Reality Experiences For Your Future Nightmares