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Google Open Sources ‘Tilt Brush’ Toolkit For Developers To Use

Google Open Sources 'Tilt Brush' Toolkit For #VR Developers To Use

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Google today released the Tilt Brush Toolkit onto GitHub, providing people with a way to bring their creations into other apps.

@AmandineFlachs: Google Open Sources ‘Tilt Brush’ Toolkit For #VR Developers To Use

Tilt Brush remains the definitive creative app for VR, and soon people will be able to more easily bring what they make in the app into other software.

Google today released the Tilt Brush Toolkit, a set of scripts that people can download for free on GitHub that allow developers and creators to interpret .tilt files in different ways. You’ll find useful files like sample codes and software to manipulate Tilt Brush data in the toolkit.

Tilt Brush is already a free download to anyone that picks up an HTC Vive, but the Toolkit could accelerate a trend we’ve noted of unexpected use cases for the software. VR developer Robert McGregor only recently wrote about how Tilt Brush is going in places that even Google might not have expected. The app itself continues to grow; we recently saw prototypes for multiplayer experiences and more.

The Tilt Brush toolkit could let people bring their creations out of Tilt Brush into other applications in different formats. This type of innovation is needed if Tilt Brush, and VR in general, is to bridge the gap between fun toy and usable professional tool. Moving works out of Tilt Brush and into other apps might let artists get much-needed control over their work. This could make it easier to integrate the software into an existing creation pipeline.

The move comes just as Google announced the Daydream View headset and Pixel phone, which evolves the Android ecosystem with better support for VR experiences. Stay tuned later in the week for details from Oculus Connect 3, and the latest on Facebook’s creation software Medium.

Good that Google at least opened the util source, though of course that’s selfserving to get devs to use its file format.

Yes, I’m sorry. I’m wrong, and a hypocrite for just skimming your article and misunderstanding it, while accusing you of doing that yourself when you didn’t.

I had googled for the Tiltbrush source code release as I’d seen it reported elsewhere without qualification that it’s just utility scripts, and clicked through your article which had the link to the Github repo. The other articles I glossed looking for the code link didn’t say anything but “Tiltbrush” (implying the full app), and I held that against your article in error.

Google Open Sources ‘Tilt Brush’ Toolkit For Developers To Use