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Samsung Gear VR

Free #GearVR w/purchase/lease+activation of select @SamsungMobileUS @BestBuy  #ad #FathersDay

  • I love the idea of virtual reality and it’s so cool to see Samsung making it a reality.
  • I had no idea that there was virtual reality for the home!
  • My husband would love a pair of those VR simulator.
  • I know my hubby would love something like this for Father’s Day.
  • The Samsung Gear VR would make for a great father’s day gift.

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@thedealmatch: “Free #GearVR w/purchase/lease+activation of select @SamsungMobileUS @BestBuy #ad #FathersDay”

It wasn’t too long ago that I went to an aerospace museum and got to try out a virtual reality simulator.  It was about $20 for just 5 or 10 minutes, not too cheap but hey, it was virtual reality and by-far the richest simulator experience I’d ever had!  In no way did I feel as though I was looking at a screen, I felt as though I was really flying the plane and above me, with objects in motion on all sides.  I knew that the virtual reality industry was moving forward which makes perfect sense as it to me is completely synonymous with futuristic technology. I’m thrilled to have learned that this same technology is now available for everyday use, (and won’t cost me hundreds of dollars if I want to use it for an hour, which I definitely do)!

Samsung Gear VR