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About Project Moon sponsorship and future direction

  • Digital content sales – – – – Perhaps the choice we can make about sponsoring is probably the only option for how we sell digital download content such as wallpapers, not games, through PayPal.
  • Whatever the personnel, form and start of the team, we are no longer a student, but a game development start-up company in the form of a profit-making corporation.
  • Perhaps the solution we are looking for is to promote game sales or to invest in other outside companies or investors.
  • We also want to keep the team and company somehow and keep this world by creating multiple games continuously.
  • If possible, We hope that someday we will be able to grow and meet again with a new game of a different form.

Lobotomy Corporation – Administrator and monsters, you cannot possibly imagine. Lobotomy Corp is a Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation game.Our game was inspired by the monsters from game and movies such as SCP series, Cabin in the woods and Warehouse 13. Furthermore, it was developed from the thought of “What if those monsters were real and your job is to manage them”. You will be playing as an administrator of the company which is in management of such creatures. These monsters generates a new energy source, and your job is to collect them through giving out to your subordinates. Through this process, you can open up new departments that facility allows and encounter various monsters. In the game, the player will have to go through the company’s fear and tension filled atmosphere. “Our new technology will bring salvation to the human race.” Lobotomy corporation is a newly established energy company that extracts infinite amount of entropy through the isolation of abnormality with our self developed technology. This is only an impression that the public has regarding our company. You will see its reality after you have joined us.Our facility is formed of many departments just like any other companies. You will have access to various departments as you gather more energy. The more you have access to various departments, the more easier the management of abnormality will become.Furthermore, an AI named Angela will be by your side to support your needs for the smooth process of work. An existence you constantly have to examine and observe. We have decided to call the monsters in Lobotomy as ‘Abnormality’.You will have to try your best to keep your employees out of danger while keeping the energy extraction level at its maximum.At first, you won’t have any information on Abnormality. You will only have your eyes and the manual to guide you. Speculate which process will be most suitable for each Abnormality. After that, just pick and place your employee who is best suited for the job and wait for results. Also, you will have to gather information through giving out orders to your employees to ‘examine’ the creature. Proceed to the end of the observation to complete the Abnormality’s encyclopedia.Abnormality’s energy generation level depends on their conditions This game is NOT a tycoon.As mentioned before, Abnormality is a creature that should be handled with extreme alert. Some of them might doesn’t like the idea of humans keeping them locked up in chambers. They will try to escape when they have a chance and when they do, they will destroy everything. Be it our employees or the facility.Furthermore, certain Abnormality can brainwash and corrupt our employees into their pawn. These ‘pawns’ can have a bad effect on other employees and might randomly attack the people around them. Also, they also bring down the other employees mentality level which might result in disobedience. You could get rid the them of course, but you should consider the fact that all the information and data regarding that employee will be deleted as well. One disaster will cause another, and it will lead everything into chaos.If you do not stop them instantly, the situation will get out of hand and fall int chaos. When this situation does occur, you will have to decide whether you will gather employees to recapture the Abnormality, or destroy some part of the facility with explosives to secure the company’s safety. “Do you have any wishes, administrator?” Lobotomy corporation is divided into work procedure and the story mode. In work procedure, you will be doing your job as the company’s administrator managing the Abnormality and the energy generation level. A game’s story will follow right afterwards. You will have short conversation with many people such as Angela the AI and other employees. Furthermore, the player will be placed in a situation where they have to answer or ask questions. You can also discover secrets surrounding the company and the player.What you will discover in the story solely depends on the choices you make throughout the game. (There is also an infinite work procedure mode for the players who wants to concentrate only on the energy production.)

Thank you very much for emails and articles you wrote.

First of all, We think we should let you know about donating.

1. Crowd funding

Crowdfunding, like Tumblbug and Kickstarter, will not open anymore.

The biggest reason is that even the first crowdfunding that we have been doing is not properly rewarding our sponsors. Therefore, it is not suitable to carry out second crowdfunding with light mind without responsibility. We will concentrate on development itself, as crowdfunding and follow-up preparation also take a considerable amount of time.

2.Goods sale

It is also difficult to raise sales by selling goods.

The planning and production costs of the goods and the shipping cost are also consuming a lot of time, and it seems to be a realistic difficulty to go ahead with the sales of the goods. In addition, the short-term planned and produced goods are expected to be low-quality goods that we are sorry to sell.

Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: Lobotomy Corporation