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Garage Virtual Reality: DIY VR from 1993 – theGrue

1992: Garage Virtual Reality -

  • The book is Garage Virtual Reality by Linda Jacobson.
  • I loved that book and actually built the power glove interface listed in the book and got it working on my Mac IIvx (man that was a while ago!
  • The power glove interface designs were not included with the book.
  • The HMD design that people were using in 1993 is virtually identical to the Oculus Rift.
  • The VR headset designs in the book were interesting, but at the time there were a number of problems.

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@JoshuaFarkas: “1992: Garage Virtual Reality -”

I picked up this book many years ago. I don’t really recall exactly where or when, but it was when I was teaching 3D animation at a local community college. It really was a great book with tons of DIY stuff, both hardware and software. I ended up recreating our server room using VRML, you could explore it and click on any server to be taken to that server’s status (I was also in the IT department).

Garage Virtual Reality: DIY VR from 1993 – theGrue